Client Training

We train our clients for the most efficient operation of our products and services. This is complementary to the products and services we offer, and ensures the customer enjoys the service and can make use of its full potential. We train our clients at different levels and hold training sessions and train the trainer sessions.

Customer Onsite and Remote Support

Whether remote or near – our multi-level support never misses a client. We are ready to dispatch our experts to our client’s site, but we also keep constant communication via phone or email. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we keep to that with a great after-sales service.

Maintenance Services

Our services do not end with planning and supply – we go the extra mile to keep the systems up and running for long periods afterwards. Our maintenance services guarantee the continued successful operation of the products. We will keep an eye on it for you and ensure there is never a failure in any of the systems.

Security System Design and Supply

Security systems are a sensitive part of any organization or company. A proper, robust design is the first step to ensure a flawless multi-level security system is established and functioning properly. As experts in security systems, Kurd-Sky meticulously assesses your security situation and requirements in order to push forward the most reliable security measures. We also take care of the supply.