Cihan Bank Networking in Erbil

Cihan Bank Networking in Erbil

Point to Multipoint VSAT-To-VSAT networking ( Erbil >Baghdad, Solymaina and Dohuk) to enable bank application communication data exchange for centralized data center.

Erbil city inter-branch networking ( 2 remote office to main building office HQ) using Redline equipments.

Contraction duration 1 month supply and install total work completed.

One year support and maintenance.

Dohuk Zagros Co. VHF

Dohuk Zagros Co. VHF

A network in Zakho oil project contain the following equipment to cover their pip landing project:

One Motorola VHF repeater (GR500).

4 Motorola mobile VHF (GM360).

16 Hand help Motorola handset for personals.

Solar panel power system for repeater site.

Frequency pan and Equipment programming.



Iraq (Dohuk and Erbil) city PSTN international traffic VSAT management as a No. of 36E1’s are connected to our VSAT to terminate/generate VoIP calls to/from people to international voice gateways.

Halasat IPS in Baghdad we manage their VSAT bandwidth as well as offer technical support 24/7 , and assist to troubleshoot their network issues.

Manage more than 60 stations (VSAT) connected to different teleports through Kurd-Sky Co.

Also a capacity of dedicated bandwidth of 200 Mbps is distributed to mentioned links as SCPC/SCPC and SCPC/DVB-S2.

Tarin- net network expansion 2008 to 2010

Tarin- net network expansion 2008 to 2010

Design and Supply new network equipments to enable Tarin-net the biggest ISP in Kurdistan region to add more users.

Supply /activation of new 20 VSAT station to serve about 5000 clients.

Supply and install new 15 WiFi towers in different area in Kurdistan region.

Management of 100 mbps of bandwidth over satellite between sites.

Supply and install of WiFi equipments ( 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz).

Supply /install network monitoring solution NMS (Intermapper) unlimited users license.

Supply /install web page caching servers using ( Fedora and Debian ) operating system with squid 2.6.

Supply /install and support billing system AAA for the entire project to connect every logged-in client to centralized server hosted in the teleport, and assist to migrate from old billing platform which is out of service, enable scratch card creation along with new reseller and add new dedicated and shard bandwidth services.

Harem Bank of Kurdistan network installation for 3 buildings and connect both 2 branches to main office using 5.8 Ghz microwave links.

Supply various Mikrotik equipments for the project.

Train-net ISP local staff to improve scales to assist building their Tech. abilities.

Continuously network monitoring and reporting.