Harem Bank Wireless Networking (RedLine) 2009-2010

Harem Bank Wireless Networking (RedLine) 2009-2010

Harem Bank of Kurdistan network installation for 3 buildings, connect 2 branches to main office using 5.8 Ghz microwave links (Red-line) the project is ongoing to add more branches to network.

Supply various Mikrotik equipments for the project.

Train local staff to improve scales to assist building their Tech. abilities.

Continuously network monitoring and reporting.

Dohuk Gov. electricity Department main office

Dohuk Gov. electricity Department main office

Design LAN network for the 3 floors building located in Dohuk city.

Supply and install network equipments ( cabinets, patch panels, UPS and Cisco network switch 24 port).

Test all network connectivity with main server room to ensure high quality connection.

Numbering plan and stockers on all network RG45 outlets and switch ports.

Termination to Iraq at contract based with coordination of Protel Co. offshore based in Lebanon.

VoIP termination/Origination for more than 5000 users all over Iraq.

Alforat CDMA network VoIP origination (15,000 subscribers).

Mobitel the 3G operator traffic Origination/termination.

Kurd-Sky Implemented Projects

Kurd-Sky Implemented Projects

Iraq (Dohuk and Erbil) city PSTN VSAT for international traffic management as a No. of 36E1’s are connected to our VSAT to terminate/generate VoIP calls to/from people to international voice gateways.

Halasat IPS in Baghdad: manage their VSAT bandwidth as well as offer technical support 24/7 , plus technical assist to troubleshoot network issues.

Manage more than 50 earth station stations (VSAT) connected to different teleports through Kurd-Sky Co.

Also a capacity of dedicated bandwidth of 200 Mbps is distributed to various links as SCPC/SCPC, SCPC/DVB or P-To-P.

Zagros Co. VHF network in Zakho oil project contain the following equipments to cover their pip landing project :

One Motorola VHF repeater (GR500).

4 Motorola mobile VHF ( GM360).

16 Hand help Motorola handset for personals.

Solar panel power system for repeater site.

Full service and support contract with Gulan center for communication based in Dohuk city and have many branches in Iraq the main task for Gulan center is to offer international Voice connectivity to people via local lines PSTN using pre-paid cards

Falcon Group Co. (Jaff Tower) (Oct-2011) on going.( May-2010)

Falcon Group Co. (Jaff Tower) (Oct-2011) on going.( May-2010)

Building is 34 floors with 186 apartment.

CCTV supply and installation 60 fixed cameras ( Dome, Fixed camera all Day/night vision) .

Data networking 218 computer points.

Control/server room design plus hardware supply and integration to cover all technical parts.

Color intercom solution for 200 house hold to be able to see visitor at door from apartment 5” LCD screen with voice via handset.

Telephone exchange ( PBX Panasonic ) 200 lines internal and 8 external ( hardware supply/install and networking design).

IF cable distribution using Fiber cable SM from LNB to main distribution switches then via RG6 to each TV point ( 840 TV outlet) using Televes products made in Spain.

Security gate ( barrier) for the main compound gate allowing entry via remote controller.

Addressable fire alarm system cover all the building.

After sales support and maintenance for 2 year contract.