IPTV Design and Supply

A typical IPTV system consists of TV gateway technology, time-shifting technology, middleware, applications, a subscriber management system, a monitoring and control system as well as user terminals. Kurd-Sky offers state of the art IPTV system design and supply. Despite being an extensive progress, our engineers are capable of developing a design for systems tailored to your needs. We also take care of supplying the requested products.

Access Control

The confidence that comes from knowing that an organization’s business processes and information assets are secure is a critical factor in unlocking tremendous gains in productivity and dynamic growth. Kurd-Sky promotes security at multiple layers; software and hardware.

CCTV Solutions

The CCTV System allows you to monitor and control multiple cameras. You many operate an individual camera on one screen or 16 cameras at once. The recording is stored on a PC system or video recording device for up to 10 days or more depending on your hard drive size. It can also play back your video frames on a time bracket accurately by hour, minute or second using slow motion or frame by frame tracking. Fast and still pictures are also possible, and you can print the image with high resolution quality.

VoIP Services

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

As in connection with one of the world’s largest voice carriers, Kurd-Sky offers the expertise and scale to provide cost-effective, reliable and flexible voice service options. We offer an extensive suite of traditional and innovative voice solutions, enabling you to explore new revenue streams and drive business growth. Kurd-Sky provides reliable VoIP solutions. We provide extensive reach, flexible capacity and quality delivery of services to you and your customers.